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I'm a professor, and I've done a little scholarly work with The Count of Monte Cristo and its pop culture equivalent Gankutsuou. I'm a fan of Depardieu's mini series as well as the book. I'm afraid I've been warned away from the 2002 movie, although I would like to hear more about it.

My newest project is working on a Monte Cristo told from Mercedes and Haydee's viewpoints. I've started the novel, and I've got about 100 pages of material to work with, but at this point I want to begin amassing research in regard to the Napoleonic conflicts, lives of the Catalans in France, spinning as an occupation, and life in Marseilles during 1815. Later I'll have some similarly preliminary questions about Greece and Turkey.

At any rate, good to be here and find this community, and if you know where I can track any of that information down, thanks in advance.

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