magic_love333 (magic_love333) wrote in monte_cristo,

Dagmara Dominczyk

Hey I just joined and I'm a HUGE fan of The Count of Monte Cristo - I first was intrigued by the book and then I watched the movie - which I thought was amazing, by the way. Anyways I hope this is allowed and if it isn't please tell me and I'll delete it right away (my apologies)...Here's an amazing actress who doesn't get enough attention: Dagmara Dominczyk (she played Mercedès Iguanada in the Count). I don't mean to be a bother but if anyone is a fan of hers and has a myspace...please do join:

Thanks a ton for your help...not a lot of people know of her (when she's just such an amazing actress) and I'm trying to spread the word of far it hasn't been a success :-(
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